Social responsibility


Adhere to the road of sustainable development.

Actively fulfill responsibilities and seek the balanced development of economic 

profit, ecological environment and social value

Huapu has refined 20 years of experience in operating high-end coating products, and created an original HPD quality assurance system to ensure that each roll of manufactured products can meet customer needs. Our integrity, strength and product quality are widely recognized by the industry.



In 2021, Huapu launched the chrome-free primer paint system to practice green environmental protection with action

On the basis of providing high-quality long-term protection, Huapu’s chrome-free primer will also help downstream enterprises to better meet the requirements of national standards and promote sustainable development.


Huapu always puts giving back to the society at an important position in the development of the enterprise, actively integrates the concept of public welfare and charity into the development of the enterprise, and makes the concept of public welfare and charity an important part of the corporate culture.

Huapu has successively assisted in the reconstruction of Wenchuan earthquake stricken areas, supported the reconstruction of Qishou primary school in Tianshui, Gansu Province, donated money to poor students in Wangjiang, Anhui Province, donated money to charity funds at all levels, and won the honorary title of "National Worker's Pioneer" awarded by the all China Federation of trade unions.

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